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If there’s one positive takeaway from our time in quarantine so far, it’s our ability to get creative. We’re taking wine tasting classes over Zoom, dancing to live DJ sets in our living rooms, and passing the time by watching our sourdough starters start to bubble. We can even meditate with a flock of Scottish sheep if we want to. It’s no wonder, then, that our ingenuity has extended to our beauty routines, too, which seem to get more and more elaborate as each month goes by. And while there’s nothing like a real-life spa experience to make you feel relaxed and centered (after all, some of us are willing to fly halfway across the world for one), it’s entirely possible to recreate a DIY—yet luxurious—spa day at home. Keep reading for some of our favorite products to help transform your home into a mini spa, from bath soaks and body scrubs to a diffuser that will make your space smell just like a Six Senses.