• Economic Profit Risk

    Increasing costs threaten profit margins at all levels, especially during inflation, potentially leading to customer attrition for the business.

  • Shopper Loyalty Risk

    With 87% of consumers making purchases based on company advocacy, not aligning with their values risks losing customers.

  • Solution Scarcity

    With scrapping constraints looming by 2025, lack of viable solutions disrupts forecasting, encourages grey markets, and complicates pricing strategies.

  • Regulatory Flux

    Regulations on scrapping and fines for greenwashing, alongside global agreements to reduce carbon footprint, necessitate agile compliance strategies.

  • Chain Integrity

    Digitizing the supply chain helps block grey markets and ensures revenue remains within the supply chain, enhancing integrity.

  • Sustainable Insights

    Data-driven sustainability strategies, with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) insights help avoid greenwashing and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Waste-free Revenue

    Through repurposing and reselling materials and ingredients, become waste-free while generating additional revenue.

How it works?

Simple sustainable steps

Step 1

Upload Waste Products

Simply upload your unused products, materials, or ingredients through your seller portal to kickstart the process of Arkive.

Step 2

Opportunity Allocation

Our system intelligently assigns opportunities for resale, donation, or repurposing based on your business needs, the reason why products are Arkived, the nature of your products, materials, and ingredients.

Step 3

Actionable Consignments

Items are categorized into 'Actionable Consignments' within our distribution center, where they're prepared for resale, donation, or repurposing at specialized facilities.

Step 4

Track Progress

Gain confidence in your progress by accessing actionable sales and sustainability metrics, allowing you to communicate your improvements effectively.

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  • "Arkive has truly transformed our sustainability journey. By embracing their data-driven solutions rooted in circular principles, we've not only significantly reduced waste but also witnessed a remark."

    Sarah, Sustainability Manager

  • "Working with Arkive has been a breath of fresh air. Their circular principles align perfectly with our values, and their platform seamlessly integrates into our supply chain, making waste reduction effortless."

    John, CEO of Eco-Friendly Beauty Brand

  • "As a retailer, Arkive has been invaluable in helping us meet our sustainability goals. Their actionable insights have allowed us to make informed decisions, resulting in significant waste reduction."

    Emily, Supply Chain Director

Join the circular mindset

We operate on circular principles, poised to assist you and your teams in adopting a data-driven circular mindset.