World CleanUp Day and The Beauty Industry: A Sustainable Connection

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Let's dive into a story that links World Cleanup Day with the beauty industry. It's not just about cleaning up the planet; it's also about transforming the world of beauty.

World Cleanup Day is a worldwide event where people unite to clean up litter and trash. It's a powerful way to give our planet a breath of fresh air and make it shine again. But did you know that the beauty industry also plays a role in polluting our world? It's time to change that!

The Silent Issue

We've got a story for you today that's all about Arkive and how we're on a mission to solve a major problem in the beauty industry. It's not just about spotting the issue; it's about offering a win-win solution for beauty brands and the planet. Beauty companies often produce more than they can sell, leading to overstock. Think about those makeup palettes, hair care products, and perfumes sitting in warehouses and eventually ending up in landfills. It's not just a waste of money, but also of resources and energy.

Luckily, some beauty brands are stepping up their game to protect both our skin and the Earth.

  • Lush - These beauty rockstars create fresh, handmade products and promote recycling through their packaging.
  • Fenty Beauty - Rihanna's beauty brand isn't just inclusive; it also releases limited edition collections to avoid overproduction.
  • BeautyBlender - These magical sponges reuse excess foam to create new sponges. Talk about recycling goals!

Let's rethink our beauty choices, raise our voices, and merge the worlds of beauty and sustainability. Together, we can save our planet and let our inner and outer beauty shine. Let's make the world and the beauty industry cleaner and greener!

Shop consciously in our shop and at the same time you support the brands that embrace sustainability and are against overstock, let’s spread the message! 

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1 comment

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