Happy Hand Soap - Sandalwood and Cedarwood

Brand NameHappy Soaps
Arkived becauseFlaw
SourceHappy Soaps
FlawPackaging Flaw

Happy Hand Soap - Sandalwood and Cedarwood

Brand NameHappy Soaps
Arkived becauseFlaw
SourceHappy Soaps
FlawPackaging Flaw
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 Tough and robust

This plastic-free Sandalwood and Cedarwood soap is made from natural ingredients and is free of mess. The soap consists for the most part of two fine oils – coconut oil and olive oil. These oils themselves have a mild effect on the skin, so that palm oil is no longer necessary. The sandalwood and cedarwood give the soap a tough, robust and sweet scent. An instant boost of confidence.


This natural hand soap contains, among other things:

  • Sandalwood
  • Cederwood
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Free from sulfates and parabens

You won’t find sulfates and parabens in this Hand Soap. Why is that important? Because paraben is a chemical used to make products last longer. Many people are allergic to this substance and they can be bad for your body. Enough reason to avoid them. Sulfates are a means to make a product foam. The downside is that they can strip natural oils from the skin. This Hand Soap does not need these foamers due to the use of natural ingredients.

How do you use the hand soap?

As you would use any other soap. Wet your hands and rub the soap between them for a wonderfully nourishing cleansing experience. You can then use the foam to wash your hands. To enjoy the Hand Soap as long as possible, it is best to let it dry in a plastic-free soap dish after use.

Completely plastic-free (no hidden plastics in the product itself either!)

This cheerful Hand Soap is 100% plastic-free. Not an ounce of plastic is used in the production, shipment, and storage of this product. In addition, you will not find any bad microplastics in this product. Happy Soaps products are completely plastic-free, both in the packaging and in the product itself. The Hand Soap lasts a long time and saves a lot of polluting plastic hand soap pumps (or plastic refill bottles).

Handmade in the Netherlands

Locally produced with love. Happy Soaps simply come from the Netherlands, where they are lovingly made by hand.

Production error: Packaging flaw

Arkived Because:

Unconsumed Stock

Most common, simply caused by overproduction of goods and too large inventory levels created by brands. 


There product has a flaw, with the most-common flaw being a packing 'error.' Meaning, the product is 100% perfect though there is a simple flaw.

Reaching Due Date

The product is still in great shape, though the expiration date of the product is nearing. This means you can still use the product before the end of the due date. 

Discontinued Item

Brands often change their inventory and if sales for a certain product stagnate, it can cause a discontinuation of an item. Might also happen when a brand discontinues its entire operations.

Limited Collection

There was a fictive limited supply of given collection due to brands' marketing campaign. The leftover stock is kept off the market to stimulate this fictive supply for profit protection.

Last Batch



Given product was intended for testing but was never used for this cause. These testers are normally thrown away since they were never marked in the sales books. Arkive has returned them for you.


Product batch was produced, but the order got cancelled by the importer. This causes batches to be discarded.





    They told us.


    Arkive's mission is inspiring and I'm glad to be able to make the cosmetics industry a little more sustainable. I can wear my Tom Ford lipstick with proud now!


    This concept is a huge eye-opener to me. Didn't know so many products were thrown away. I was able to 'safe' some products and got a nice discount in return. Would definitely come back more often!



    Save the world together

    Every year 600 million products are wasted for profit protection, causing fundamental stress on the environment. At Arkive, our mission is to give these products a second chance at life! Join the movement and let's fight product waste together.

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