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The beauty industry has a waste problem. Just as it is in fashion, waste is built into beauty's business model.

When Arkive founder Sinem Tuncer learned that hundreds of millions worth of unconsumed beauty products were being destroyed every year, she knew she had to fight this.

Sinem dreamed up Arkive, a destination to shop unconsumed beauty products. But Arkive goes beyond ecommerce. As a veteran of several tech scale-ups, Sinem applies her knowledge of data and supply chain to help brands digitise their inventory, which brings transparency to the supply chain. This is the important first step to move to a circular business model. Arkive also has a circular solution for products that don't end up with consumers. These products are either reworked by recycling partners, who are able to extract value and sell this back to the beauty industry (think of recycled packaging), or donated to charities in local markets.

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