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Why did products end up on Arkive?

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reaching expiration date

Cosmetic products have expiration dates, just like food. But sometimes, these dates are also used as marketing tactics to encourage consumers to buy more. At Arkive, we understand this, and we accept cosmetic products for reselling or repurposing, taking into account the timeline. For instance, if the products are still safe to use for another 6 months (or even 1 year, considering marketing dates), we transparently resell them with this information. However, if the products are no longer safe for use, we accept them for repurposing, ensuring they are diverted from waste and given a new purpose.

catalogue discontinuation

Similar to the fashion industry, beauty brands often don't sell the same products repeatedly. This is partly to keep consumers engaged and excited, encouraging them to make more purchases. Additionally, products may be discontinued due to changing trends, reformulation, or updated packaging.

limited editions

Limited Editions are designed to be sold for a short period of time, as the name suggests, to create a sense of exclusivity. This could be in the form of collaborations with influencers or trials of new products. Once they lose their novelty, they are often phased out from the market to make room for new, more exciting offerings.


At Arkive, part of our collection is products with packaging errors, typically resulting from transportation or handling mishaps. This could include damaged boxes or minor flaws in the plastic packaging of the actual product. To ensure transparency, we always provide pictures of the flaws on our product pages, so our customers are aware of any imperfections beforehand.

cancelled pre-series

Pre-series refers to products or product lines that are cancelled before being marketed to consumers. This could occur due to a brand changing its marketing strategy, or changes in product formulation or packaging. These products or lines never make it to the consumer market and may be discontinued for various reasons.

cancelled or returned B2B orders (touched the shelf)