Unused products due to overproduction. 


We only sell products with packaging errors, which usually means the box has been damaged during transport or handling. Sometimes the actual product packaging is flawed, for example a small flaw in the plastic. We always show pictures of the flaw in our product pages.


Just as in fashion, beauty brands don't sell the same products over and over again. Sometimes products are discontinued because of trends, but reformulation can also be the reason. 

Limited Editions

Limited Editions can only be sold during a short time period, otherwise they wouldn't be limited! 

Cancelled Pre-Series  

Pre-series are products or product lines that end up getting cancelled before ever being marketed to consumers, for example because a brand changed its marketing strategy, or due to a change in product formulation or packaging.

Cancelled Retailer Orders 

Beauty products are usually sold in retail chains (department stores or specialty beauty retail), not brand stores. It sometimes happens that retailers have to cancel orders, often due to financial difficulty.

Reaching Due Date

Most cosmetic products have an expiration date. Regular retailers don't keep the same products in stock for a long time, because they need to make place for new products. However, unopened products can last a long time. We don't sell products on Arkive after they have reached their due date.