Join Arkive in pioneering circularity for the beauty industry! Let's unite at our events to educate and empower purpose-driven individuals and businesses. Together, we can make a difference.




Business Events

Arkive gives LCA workshops for enterprises (custom) and in form of a workshop for small-to-medium sized businesses. A regular LCA assessment for enterprises starts with 4.999,- and goes up to 10.000,- Euro.

For small to medium sized businesses we organize workshops in groups to make the sessions affordable. The tickets prices are on average 149,-, but this depends on the location partner we collaborate with, namely StartDock or Cloud Gallery.

Partnership Events

Arkive collaborates with prestige- and or clean beauty brands, or cross industry collaboration where we feel there is a community fit. We've organized 25 events so far in partnership with ATELIER ARTPLAATS, BYINSTICT, NEW OPTIMIST, FOOD FOR SKIN, CLOUD GALLERY AMSTERDAM, SELF+ COLLECTIVE, UMAVERSITY AND MUCH MORE. Care to collaborate? Reach us at email.


Say goodbye to waste with our revolutionary end-of-life system. Resell, donate, or repurpose products while gaining invaluable CO2 insights. Our journey is one of challenges, risks, innovation, and humanity. 

Are you a beauty brand, distributor and/or retailer? Do you experience overstock and you want to move towards circular and ethical practices? Email us.