Mood Bundle Nº1 _ Mood Wash + Mood Water

Mood M SKU: 6096219151149
Mood Bundle Nº1 _ Mood Wash + Mood Water
Mood Bundle Nº1 _ Mood Wash + Mood Water
Mood Bundle Nº1 _ Mood Wash + Mood Water

Mood Bundle Nº1 _ Mood Wash + Mood Water

Mood M SKU: 6096219151149
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Mood Bundle Nº1 – Mood Wash + Mood Water

Mood M is a sustainable creator of honest and natural home care products.
Locally sourced ingredients, crafted in small batches and handmade in Amsterdam. Tested on friends, not animals. Made with love, without stress, biodegradable, zero waste, and all-natural.

Our mission is to inspire and educate people toward a natural and plastic-free habitat. To consume less and to create awareness, natural ingredients, and products are more effective, more affordable, and better for your personal health and environment than synthetic variants.

All our products are infused with Mood M’s uplifting signature scent. A unique blend of essential oils with purifying, energetic and harmonious characteristics, that will keep you grounded and stimulate you in domestic chores in your sacred home.

A clear mind in a clean environment.

Together we can make a difference. Join the movement.

Mood Wash Key Ingredients: Marseille soap flakes, Tea tree oil, Scots pine oil, Witch hazel, Sweet orange oil, Patchouli oil, Bergamot oil & demineralized water. 

Mood Wash
Mood Wash is an organic laundry detergent, handmade in small batches on the basis of Marseille soap and a stimulating mix of five types of essential oils, all of which have a mood-lifting character and are known for their antibacterial and insect-repellent properties.

Use this detergent at 30ºC (best for the environment and warmer unnecessarily) for dark and light laundry. The use of fabric softener is not necessary, so no plasticizers end up in the clothing and in the environment.

All ingredients are biodegradable. We supply this detergent in a glass, refillable 1-liter bottle, including a deposit.

You use 45 ml per wash. The 1000 ml bottle is good for 22 washes.

Mood Water
All-natural Mood elevator. Enriched with amethyst, it has a protective, purifying, and relaxing effect, and brings harmony and inner peace. The stone and the essential oil blend have a purifying effect. One note of the blend is the sweet orange that soothes and has an uplifting character. The other main note is Scots pine which has air-purifying and energizing properties.

Mood Water Key Ingredients: Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Scots pine oil, Sweet orange oil, Patchouli oil, Grapefruit oil, & demineralized water.

Directions for use: Spray into the air a few times a day and step through for an extra Mood-lift.

Brand Name: Mood M
Source: Mood M
Product Decline: Recycle
Arkived Because: Circular Brand

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