World Coming Out Day

by Michael May



It's world coming out day today! A special day for many of our dearest followers and hopefully a day to remember for all of you. On this special and eventful day, Arkive shows full support of the LGBTQ+ community by sharing a special interview with Florian, aka @itisaboutflorian on Instagram. Florian is a a 21-old student from Koblenz, Germany and a REAL fashion lover. Just looking at his gram you can tell this boy got style! He also agreed to share a thing or two about his coming out! Without further ado - let's go right into it. 


Arkive: What was your idea of being gay growing up as a kid?

As a child, one had not yet thought about it. Through television and religion, the impression was given that it was something abnormal and sick to be gay.

Arkive: What was the incident that made you open your door  and openly shared your preference?

Rather, I was urged to do so by a friend at the time, because he had told others. I was not well because of this and I tried to open up to my close friends.

Arkive: How did your coming out go for you?

My close friends really took it well and supported me. With my family it was only partially well received.

Arkive: Where there any responses that you still remember which affected you greatly after your outing?

I can still remember all the reactions, which fortunately were mostly positive. The best feeling was that the fear was taken away and you could breathe a sigh of relief.

Arkive: What was the best that has happened to you after your outing?

You no longer had to pretend or hide. It is incredibly important to be able to freely develop your own personality. This was not possible for me before my outing.

Arkive: What does Coming Out Day mean to you?

For me it means to stand by one's sexuality and to celebrate it. I think it is important to do this because there are still many people who act in an exclusionary and derogatory way.

Arkive: As an influencer you know what it feels like to express yourself. Do you feel that people now are more comfortable expressing their feelings and gender preference?

Absolutely! I think it's extremely important to share your sexuality on social media and support each other. There are many people who still have problems coming out, social media gives you inspiration, courage and confidence to take the next step!

Arkive: What would you advise to people that are struggling with their outing?

TALK! It is incredibly important to talk about it with close friends. If you don't feel ready to do that yet, you can also write about it in a forum. There are many ways to connect with other people these days. Believe in yourself and be brave! Very important: It is completely normal to be different!

Arkive: What would you tell yourself if you could back in time, right before your own outing?

Oh boy, couldn't you have just got your teeth apart earlier and dared to do it?You're always your biggest critic, don't let that get you down! It's really liberating to talk about it with other people.


Arkive: Do you think gay man have the BEST skin routine?

If so, what is yours?


I would argue that most gays place more importance on a well-groomed appearance and thus are concerned with your skin routine:


I use a cleansing foam once in the morning and in the evening, with which I wash my face under lukewarm water. After my pores are opened, I then use a toner to close them again. After that I still use vitamin C serum, as well as a moisturizer. Last but not least, I use a fingertip of sunscreen every day!


Arkive: What do you think of Arkive?

I think Arkive is a very up-and-coming company. I really like that they are fighting against product waste and doing something for the environment.


Thanks a lot Florian!! Never doubt yourself, you be you! To celebrate this joyful day we offer our Arkivers 20% discount with the code: youbeyou20

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