Join us for a circular beauty industry

Join us for a circular beauty industry

Why Sustainable Beauty is Important?

by Anush Bichakhchyan

The idea of sustainable beauty has been around for years. For a while, the term was mingled into the niche group of natural and organic cosmetics. Aside from being organic and natural, sustainable beauty or green beauty has a more profound concept and mission. The idea of green beauty products focuses on both product formula and packaging.

What is sustainable beauty?

The global cosmetic industry valued at 425B EURO billion for 2021 produces tones of beauty products. People are consuming those fancy and sweet-smelling products to improve wellbeing. Such a big player should also take responsibility for waste taking a toll on the environment. The damaging cycle of production, consumption, and waste makes the beauty industry a big culprit for the ecosystem and planet. The idea of green beauty is to cut that cycle of single-use plastics and bring the industry recyclable packaging. Besides packaging, sustainability keeps focusing on natural ingredients to be used for production. Here comes the most challenging thing. How to source natural ingredients sustainably without actually damaging nature? The process is complicated, and this is why sustainable beauty still stands for limited brands. Slowly but steadily many beauty brands already respond to the changes. They step up to combat the waste and offering more eco-friendly alternatives.

How to facilitate and support sustainable beauty?

Becoming a more conscious consumer is the first step to change habits and start contributing to green beauty.

Shop smarter. If you have decided to create a more sustainable routine, search for products with a longer shelf life and reusable packaging.

Eliminate waste. Small steps make immense changes. Start with the most common things, like replacing single-use cotton swabs with reusable cotton rounds.

Do research. Any new thing starts with research. Marketing buzz around sustainable beauty may be confusing. So before purchasing, check whether the brand is following the eco-friendly green policy. It supposes avoiding the use of dangerous ingredients, reducing waste and energy consumption.

Arkive is supporting the brands that strive to eliminate waste and do the right thing for the planet. With sustainable beauty products, we can make our world better and ourselves – more beautiful.

Beauty starts with your soul and ends with the way you treat nature.

With love,

Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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