Why do We Need World Mental Health Day

by Anush Bichakhchyan

World Mental Health Day is another important awareness day to mark and become a part of the community. Observed annually on October 10, the day aims to raise awareness about mental health and show people struggling with the issue that they are not alone. On this day, the stakeholders and enthusiasts working on mental health issues have a global audience’s attention to talk about the subject. The official slogan of the campaign by the World Health Organization is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality". The hashtag for social channels is #WorldMentalHealthDay. Here is everything to know about World Mental Health Day and the days to support the campaign.

Forward Together for Mental Health

The issue has always been under special attention. Amid the pandemic, mental health disorders have become more critical. The research has shown that people struggling with pre-existing mental health conditions and frontline workers were the most vulnerable groups needing support. Depression, as the most common mental health issue, is the global problem causing suicides among 15-29-year-olds. People with severe mental health conditions are at higher risk of premature death. “With the growth of mental health issues, it is important to raise the awareness and acknowledgment that may help achieve global development goals, as illustrated by the inclusion of mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals”, - claims World Health Organization (WHO).

Why do we need World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day and similar social campaigns should be a regular topic of conversation. The social stigma still keeps society from talking about their mental issues and prevents them from seeking treatment. According to WHO, nearly to-third of people with the problem never get treatment from a health professional.
This global awareness campaign is meant to help people with mental health issues know they are not alone and can be open with a society that supports them.

What you can do for your Mental Health

With the power of digital activities and social media, it is easier to raise awareness and support the community. If you are struggling with mental health problems, there are ways you can do and work on the issue.

Value yourself

Treat yourself with respect and kindness and less self-criticism. Make time for your hobby, do things that make you feel happy.

Take care of your body

Physical health will help improve your mental health. Try to eat nutritious meals, drink water, exercise, and get enough sleep.

Surround yourself with friends and good people

Good people bring dog things into your life. Avoid those that take much energy and bring negativity into your life.

Volunteer your time and energy to help others

Do anything that may help others, and their gratitude will feel your heart with warmth, confidence, and energy.

Learn how to deal with stress

Stress is inevitable, but you can learn To deal with everyday stress by meditating, doing one-minute stress strategies, being in harmony with nature, reading moods, and doing yoga.

Meditate and quiet your mind

Meditating and relaxation exercises can significantly improve the state of mind and enhance the effects of therapy.

Set realistic goals

Decide what you want to achieve and set goals even if they are insignificant and short-term goals. This strategy will keep you active.

Break up the monotony

Feel your life with colors. Whether with your makeup, outfit, interior, or lifestyle, try to experiment with new things.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Alcohol may be a temporary relief when you are struggling with depression, but in reality, it makes things worse aggravating problems.

Ask for professional help when needed

Seek help whenever you feel weak, struggling with mental health.

Be healthy, be beautiful, and love yourself. Remember, you are unique and beautiful the way you are. Arkive appreciates each and every member of its community, raising severe problems and supporting people.

With love,
Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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