Why buying vegan & cruelty free beauty products rocks!

by Sinem Tuncer

Why buying vegan & cruelty free beauty products rocks! Vegan clothes, food and now beauty? Veganism has grown enormously over the last years, and the most dedicated vegans aren't just adapting their food diet: it has become a lifestyle. It’s not a secret that the majority of people do want to change their environmentally unfriendly habits and buy more consciously. For a long time it was, actually, quite a challenge to change our habits, but with so many alternatives popping up nowadays, we are able to change them. Think of buying and selling second hand clothing, ditching your plastic bags for canvas bags, or just the sheer volume of delicious vegan food now widely available even in our local supermarkets! But, what about the beauty and personal care industry?!

Vegan and cruelty free beauty products; crazy popular... Buying vegan and cruelty free beauty products is on the rise; more and more beauty companies develop amazing vegan and cruelty free products, also known as clean beauty products. But, why is this relatively new movement so popular? Well, the answer is quite simple: as a society we try to reduce waste, become more circular and choose healthier products to use on our face and body. As we become more conscious on what type of foods we consume, we use the same logic for other products we use.

The downside of vegan beauty: but Arkive has a solution. Every great solution comes with a challenge: as vegan beauty is on the rise, there is still one BIG challenge remaining — expiry dates. Because the ingredients have become cleaner, the shelf life of products has become shorter, and, unfortunately, most products do not sell as fast as they are being restocked. This is where Arkive comes in; we collect the excess stock, which is still perfectly fine to be sold, but not in their usual shops. We give products a second chance at life, save them from destruction, and we are able to offer them to you at a lower price. To celebrate this amazing movement of doing good and feeling even better, we have special sale during our #releasetherevolution campaign! Use promo code: release40 and shop our saved products at amazing prices. Happy shoppings.

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Arkive - by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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