Vive La France. The First country banning product destruction

by Anush Bichakhchyan

France is the first country that will stop fashion brands and companies from destroying unsold items. The anti-waste law that has been passed by parliament just recently is going to make tremendous changes in the country and trigger global changes. The groundbreaking law that started with clothes and luxury goods will also be applied to cosmetics, electrical items, and hygiene products that can be reused and recycled.

The bill that was adopted after the Assemblée Nationale and the Sénat requires producers and importers, including online shopping platforms, to donate or sell at a discount unsold or returned items. The law will facilitate the 50% reduction of single-use plastic bottles and result in all plastic becoming recyclable.


For decades, the brands practiced destroying tons of unsold goods just because they were out of fashion. This practice badly needed reforms, and the solution was more than simple. Instead of destroying stuff, the companies could just start selling the goods at a discount or donating them to charitable organizations.

According to statistics, over €630 million worth of unsold items is destroyed every year in France. What about global statistics? They are more than shocking. In 2018, over 2 billion metric tons of waste were produced worldwide. This number will reach 3,4 billion by 2050.

The new anti-waste bill containing 130 articles is an extension to an existing law banning supermarkets from throwing away unsold goods. Step by Step the country is starting a culture aimed to change the world. To foster corporate responsibility, the polluter is obliged to pay for the destruction of waste created by the company. The chain of changes, starting from donating and selling unsold items, will eventually bring to the reduction of deadstock, the usage of raw material, and the reduction of waste.

The changes come slowly, but the most important and priceless is the first step and first effort for the change. Waste is a global problem, a problem that cannot be tolerated much longer. Arkive greets France and the law for changing the world. Together we will make this world a better place.

With love,

Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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