Vegan Week at Arkive

by Anush Bichakhchyan

World Vegan Day (November 1st) has become one of the most visible awareness days globally, inspiring millions of like-minded people from around the world to take part. The day celebrates the birthday of the UK's Vegan Society, which was founded in 1994. 

Today, veganism has become a worldwide movement and a mainstream lifestyle. The mission of the awareness day is to motivate people to follow a vegan lifestyle which is beneficial for the environment and animal welfare. Every year more and more people, organizations, and brands embrace the cause and support the mission. 

Veganism is not only about a vegan diet but choosing vegan products, sustainable and vegan fashion, and vegan cosmetics. All together, veganism contributes to the protection of the environment and the reduction of climate change.



Arkive is an inclusive platform and we support the vegan movement. You can find many vegan beauty products on Arkive, and we are glad to see more and more brands creating awareness for animal cruelty.

Some beauty brands that we've spotted recently that are doing a lot for the vegan movement are skincare heroes BYBI and Plenaire, London-based perfume brand Floral Street, professional dancer-founded deodorant Akt and wellness brand Esker

And of course you can find amazing #ZeroWasteHero brands also happen to be vegan on Arkive, no matter whether you are looking for wellness, makeup, or skincare. Check out beauty disruptor UN_DID, personalized skincare Hilla Skincare, planet-friendly condoms from Huzzy, and relaxing and high quality CBD products from Cannacares, all available now. Go vegan and save the planet!



Veganism is still gaining followers around the world. As an Armenian, I have learned about World Vegan Day only recently, but I do support the initiative having little contribution on my side. Being part of Arkive, I have started choosing vegan cosmetics and supporting the circular economy. I hope that soon my country will also be part of this international movement. 

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