Toxic Beauty: How Chemicals are Ruining Health?

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Going into 2022, the beauty industry is still considered one of the most destructive segments for the environment that wastes resources and leaves billions of tons of waste. Cosmetics and skincare products get the highest promotion worldwide, gaining more consumers and increasing manufacturing, destruction, and waste. We have always seen only one side of the coin, the shiny side that persuades with attractive packaging, pleasant smell, and short-term influence. But what about the dark side of the coin? What about the influence of chemical cosmetics on health and the environment? We will have a series of stories about the destructive influence of chemical ingredients and low production management. For now, let’s talk about toxic beauty and its negative impact on our health. And remember, Arkive supports and collaborates with organic and natural brands that stand for waste and destruction reduction. We love beauty products and skincare that take care of us and the environment equally.


The famous documentary film Toxic Beauty is a powerful and alarming message to everyone concerned about the impact of beauty products. The documentary gives exclusive access to scientists, advocates, regulators, politicians, and survivors. The provocative film may harm global players in the beauty industry, but it may also become a trigger for changes.
Toxic beauty describes all the cosmetic and skincare products that contain harmful chemicals and are dangerous for health. The main focus of the term is products based on talc, a clay mineral that may cause cancer.

The aggressive marketing campaigns of beauty brands shaming us for our wrinkles, uneven skin, and imperfections force us to buy products without paying attention to ingredients. Most chemical products do give desirable effects. For example, silicon creates smooth and even skin by clogging the pores. While visually the skin looks perfect, it can soon break into pimples and inflammation. The truth is we don’t care much about the future, and we absolutely don’t care about the environment.

Let’s make things more severe and point out the serious health concerns that chemical cosmetics may cause:
- Cancer
- Endocrine disorders responsible for hormone production
- Developmental delays
- Neurological problems

Who could ever think that a simple chemical lipstick may be as dangerous as a hand grenade? To understand the scale of the issue, just think of this fact: an average woman uses 12 different beauty products daily, all of which are non-organic, which means the risk of getting one of the above-listed diseases is multiplied.

Check out the list of dangerous chemicals to avoid.


This topic is very explicit, and we will definitely get back to it not once. We can consider this a short introduction to the reality we have now. As a solution, Arkive has taken a mission to spread awareness about going natural and going zero waste. We encourage our community and welcome new members to stand on the side of conscious consumers thinking of their health, not forgetting about the environment. Want to make your first step? Buy one product, decrease destruction and use organic cosmetics. A double bank shot, isn’t it?

With love,
Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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