Top Hottest Summer Makeup Colors 2021

by Anush Bichakhchyan
Summer is still on. It means we still have time to enjoy the sun and all the dazzling colors that pump up the look. As your endless source of inspiration, Arkive presents the top hottest summer makeup colors are trending for 2021. Check out the coolest makeup looks and find our products on Arkive. The hot season is all about experiments. You can choose any vibrant shades or stick to neutrals, embracing your natural beauty. Either way, your goal is to feel confident and love your look.

#1 No-makeup look

Nude shades, easy to maintain and so relaxing, are still trending both in makeup and fashion. The pastel shades look absolutely stunning on tanned skin combined with a touch of bronzer glitter and plumping lips. The bare-eyed look still needs maintenance; get your skin cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, and flatten the skin tone with lightweight BB or CC cream.
#2 Ultimate gold tones
Yes! Girls love gold, especially when it comes to golden gleam on skin. Glowing powders, bronzers, and highlighters are your must-have beauty products for this summer. Go for golden tones for evening looks, and do not forget to highlight your décolleté with a touch of glitter.

#3 Some ocean waves

Turquoise has turned out to be one of the hottest summer makeup colors in 2021. Missed ocean romance? Add some turquoise shades in eye makeup, and voila, your trendy summer makeup is ready.

#4 Neon is still on

All the crazy neon colors from the 90s are back! The shades are perfect for stunning eye makeup. Think of neon nail colors as well, cause they look winning on sun-kissed skin. Go bold with a neon color combo, or go home! It is your summer motto!

#5 Some juicy shades

Summer is all about juicy and sultry colors. The shades of coral, orange, and tangerine will make a style statement whether you choose it for lip or nail color. Those shades have proved to be a fun and flirty way to go glam. Stick to eye-catching lips for a killing look. Bonus colors Whether you stick to nude shades or decide to play with vibrant colors, the secret to a flawless look is harmony, even when combining some daring shades.

Follow the trends, look for branded products on Arkive and love yourself. You deserve it!

WIth love, 

Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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