Top 7 Expert Hair Care Trends 2021 to Follow

by Anush Bichakhchyan
The biggest trends in the beauty industry have arrived to inject some fresh air and transform the way we treat ourselves. Every week, we will review the latest trends set by beauty gurus, makeup artists, and hairstylists to get a piece of inspiration. For now, let’s check out the top 7 expert hair care trends 2021 to follow. Amid the pandemic, we suffered a lot, and it was not only about lockdown and restrictions. The virus turned out to be a deadly weapon for hair, causing dramatic hair loss. Overall, the brands and the industry are now setting trends to help everyone treat hair at home without professional support, so let’s start with the top trends.

#1 Hair Loss

Whether hair loss is caused by stress, the virus, or harmful hair products, the critical solution to stop hair thinning is treating the scalp. Haircare brands are now pushing products working beneficially on the hair scalp, recovering the balance, and nurturing hair follicles. Those are natural shampoos, masks, and hair growth boosting sprays.

#2 At-Home Color Care

Hair coloring is becoming more fun with all the crazily vibrant colors. If it is not about hair bleaching (we recommend consulting with a stylist beforehand), modern products are less harmful created for easy use even at home.

#3 Scalp Care

Again, the first step to revitalize hair is to work on recovering hair scalp. Scalp exfoliators and detox scrubs with natural ingredients promise to clean the scalp from dandruff and boost blood circulation. Raw shampoo bars are trending products of the year.

#4 Low Maintenance Looks

Natural is the word for makeup and hair. The experts are talking about the tendency of customers to look for low-maintenance hairstyles that can be worn with easy to no styling. Those are curls, short hairstyles, and natural waves.

#5 Hair Accessories

Yes! We have lost a whole year of dressing in all the crazy styles and decorating hair with accessories. Hair care trends 2021 have brought back all the lovely hair accessories as an ultimate solution to vamp up your look.

#6 Natural Hair Products

We are stepping into a new era of the beauty industry with natural products. Plant-based products are now forcing back chemical ingredients to create a better experience in hair care.

#7 Wigs and Extensions

Hairstyling is more about fun and game with wigs and hair extensions. Even if it is not about hiding thinning hair, go at least for ponytail extensions to experiment with your image.

Keeping up with the latest trends, Arkive will continue updating the platform with must-have beauty products caring for you and nature.

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Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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