The Top 6 Most Exciting Makeup Brands on Arkive

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Good news never come alone! Arkive has launched a new website with a brand new interface and enhanced features, and now the platform welcomes the top 6 most exciting makeup brands as part of the Arkive community. You will definitely find your favorite names. 


The community of sustainable beauty advocates is getting bigger day by day. Gaining new global brands into the mission of Arkive to get closer to a better world.


One of the world's leading cosmetic brands is already available on Arkive at the best prices! M.A.C s more than a makeup brand; it is a community of professional artists working together to make this world a little more beautiful. Being at the forefront of fashion trends, M.A.C cooperates with fashion icons and creates backstage and catwalk trends.

Working with pop icons and world-known names, M.A.C can be a perfect ambassador to promote sustainable beauty. As the first step, the brand is already collaborating with Arkive, presenting its products on the platform.  


A creative and collaborative of makeup artists is now available on Arkive. The brand of decorative cosmetics. Making high-quality and super-comfortable products, Smashbox managed to gain the leading picture-perfect professional decorative cosmetics. 

The collaboration with Arkive will bring the brand followers on the platform and engage them in reducing waste. 


Don't hold back. Be bold. It encourages others to do the same. - François Nars

The French cosmetics and skincare company has become a part of the Arkive community with its top popular products. Known for incredible pigmentation, signature packaging, and high quality, we cannot but be too excited about welcoming NARS on Arkive.

Arkive will continue presenting NARS makeup products on the platform, including more iconing decorative cosmetics into the collection.


The philosophy of the Bobby Brawn brand is to create makeup that enhances - not hides - your true beauty. What can be more inspiration than embracing natural beauty? Arkive is in absolute harmony with Bobby Brown's philosophy of promoting self-care and self-love.

Beauty comes in many forms, beyond a product, routine, and face. It is created by everyone and enhanced with Bobby Brown makeup products. 


The signature rule-breaking creativity drives the irresistible vision of the Marc Jacobs beauty brand. Indulging in the innovative textures and delight in long-wearing colors, Marc Jacobs creates a new experience in wearing decorative cosmetics. 

For Arkive, the collaboration with Marc Jacobs beauty will be exceptionally productive in promoting the concept of Arkive and gaining engagement of beauty divas. 


Tarte breaks down beauty boundaries just like Arkive breaks the cycle of wastes beauty products. The brand believes in natural beauty, shattering stereotypes promoting natural organic ingredients. 

Arkive supports all-natural and organic cosmetics and welcomes Tarte Cosmetics on the platform looking forward to welcoming new brands aboard. 

Again, let's welcome makeup ambassadors on Arrive, making their step in changing the world. Share our vision, save on beauty products and reduce waste. 

With love, 

Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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