Sustainable Beauty: Top 5 Trends to Look for in 2021

by Anush Bichakhchyan
One of the tendencies booming in the beauty industry is green consumerism motivating both consumers and brands to shift traditional cosmetics production to a more eco-friendly industry. Both global players and new brands are changing marketing and production strategies, keeping focused on sustainability, environmentally friendly ingredients, and recyclable packaging. The tendency is proving to be exceptionally favorable for resource waste and waste management soon to bring tangible changes in the environment. We are now on the way to set the new culture of sustainability by choosing sustainable beauty products and brands. If you support conscious consumerism, look for the top sustainable beauty trends to look for in 2021.

#1 Refillable packaging

According to statistics, more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging are produced annually, causing plastic pollution. The first step in reducing the waste was to switch to refillable packaging that would significantly decrease packaging production. The main challenge here was to involve customers in the process of reusing the containers. The marketing strategies are focused on promoting refill stations where customers can fill empty bottles with desired products. Some of the sustainable beauty brands are already practicing the strategy to understand its effectiveness.

#2 Solid Liquid

Most plastic waste is caused by liquid cosmetic products like shampoos, soaps, cleansing foams, etc. Sustainable beauty trends and modern technologies are now transforming liquid cosmetics into “solid-liquid” like shampoo bars and soaps thus reducing both water and package usage.

#3 Waterless Beauty

By 2025, about 5 billion people will be affected by water shortages. It means more than half of the population may not have drinking water. The sustainable beauty industry is working on decreasing water usage in cosmetics production. By reducing water, it will be possible to give more room for active ingredients, thus increasing the effectiveness of a product. Today, powder products like scrubs and creams can be blended with enough water for activation.

#4 Biodegradable Products

More than 120 billion units of beauty industry packaging comprise 80% of marine plastic pollution, and only 9% of them is recyclable. The way we expose nature will soon cause fatal disasters. To improve the industry, the big players are starting using biodegradable packaging with harmful ingredients that are recycled.

#5 Natural ingredients

The most significant trend is natural and organic cosmetics creating a new consumer behavior on the market. The brands are now using natural ingredients at the same time taking care of the natural resource consumption. The industry is respected to grow to $54.5 billion by 2027 but it still needs regulations and strict control to eliminate the brands that put “natural” labels without following the rules. Arkive, the community of conscious consumers, looks for brands that care for nature and our beauty. Let’s join hands and start building a better future together.

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Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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