Scent profile: Ultimate guide to choosing your signature scent

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Have you ever had the feeling of completeness when you use perfume? If yes, it means you are lucky enough to find your scent. If not, we will help you to find your signature scent with this “how-to” guide. The market is saturated with thousands of fragrances and perfumes, and hunting down A scent to match your personality is pretty challenging. Some secrets will help to find the notes and then the fragrance with those base notes.


A signature scent is the one that best works for you and your body chemistry. Simple at first sight, the scent can make you feel better and more confident. As soon as you find your fragrance, it will make people remember you any time they smell that fragrance. 


To understand which scent is your match, you need to understand fragrance families and then look for your scent.

FRESH - citrus, green, water, fruity

WOODY - woods, dry woods, aromatic, mossy woods

ORIENTAL - oriental, soft oriental, woody oriental

FLORAL - soft floral, floral, floral oriental


Any fragrance has notes (perfume ingredients) and accords (the blend of other notes) like vanilla, bergamot, leather, etc. The fragrance pyramid is composed of three layers of notes, explaining the strength and evaporation time. 

Top notes - 5-15 minutes

Heart/middle notes - 20-60 minutes

Base notes - 6 hours

Pay attention to base notes when choosing a fragrance, because this blend is going to be your signature scent. 


how to choose your signature scent
Already understanding how to figure out the notes and families, you can now follow the steps and find your signature scent.
  1. Try out three scents of different families at a time.
  2. Start with lighter aqueous scents.
  3. Rebound with a fragrance by checking the scent every 20 minutes. If you still like it, then it’s yours.
  4. Don’t follow the trends. If the scent gives you a headache, it’s not yours. 
  5. Try to understand what you are smelling. Pay attention to notes and figure out which one you like or not.
  6. See how the scent evolves after a few hours. If you still love the fragrance, you can give it a try.

Your signature scent will become the part of your personality, the accessory to wear every day. Make your choice with Arkive, find fragrances in Arkive shop, and contribute to waste reduction.

With love,

Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan 

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