Reasons to switch to organic cosmetics

by Anush Bichakhchyan

The demand for organic cosmetics is increasing. The global brands are now switching to organic ingredients partially or fully refusing chemical ones. The global organic beauty market is already valued at $15.98 billion for 2021 and will register a constant rise to $48.04 billion by 2025. So what are the reasons to switch to organic cosmetics?

Arkive has revealed the essential factors that you need to know before choosing organic cosmetics. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it. Potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients may create an illusion of flawless skin but do they really work?

#1 Organic ingredients have fewer toxins

The most beneficial part about using organic cosmetics is their positive effect on your skin. The natural ingredients don’t contain toxins and dangerous chemicals. The only concern about organic products is the short shelf life due to preservative-free formula.

#2 Organic cosmetics complement a healthy lifestyle

Do you feel depressed when your skin is in breakouts? Of course, we do. It deeply affects the quality of life, affects our social life, and may even cause depression. Switching to natural and organic cosmetics and combining your healthy skincare with a healthy diet will work great both for your skin and your lifestyle.

#3 Organic beauty industry is beneficial for the environment

Millions of beauty products are produced using resources and causing tons of waste. Organic cosmetics set a completely new culture being produced in recyclable packaging. Moreover, the scale of chemicals that cause air and water pollution will be reduced. The chain of changes will only be beneficial, triggering the development of the eco-friendly beauty industry.

#4 The industry is under better regulation

The traditional beauty products are almost not controlled, and any product can get “natural” labeling and still include a whole list of synthetic ingredients. With a switch to organic products and growing tendencies, the industry will start being more transparent, and the regulations will be strict. Arkive stands for natural, eco-friendly, and organic products that think of our skin and nature equally.

We present a whole line of organic products certified and approved. Shop with Arkive, stay healthy and beautiful.

With love

Arkive – by Anush Bichakhchyan

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