How to remove your Halloween makeup gently

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Trick or Treat? Or maybe makeup first? Read with scary voice: The night when our terrifying nightmares come true may the most frightening nightmare become a reality if you don’t follow my instructions! Ok, that was scary, right? Halloween and makeup are the most dynamic duo. If, on average, you may use a tiny drop of foundation and go out of the house with no makeup look, on October 31st, you just put it layer by layer, drawing a whole new face.

Halloween is all fun and game until the night is over and it is time to take off makeup. Your image isn’t scary; what is truly horrifying is that you can end up with breakouts if you don’t wash off the makeup properly. Thinking ahead, we have prepared a guide on how to remove your Halloween makeup without ruining your skin. Keep on reading, and you find the secret coupon code with a 10% special deal for the blog readers! 



how to remove halloween makeup


Step 1: Remove embellishments first

If you have sequins, rhinestones, or any kind o embellishment on your face, first gently remove them. Latex-based lash glue can be removed with special remover, but never dig into it or scratch it with fingers.

Step 2: use an oil-based cleanser to soften makeup

Halloween makeup is highly pigmented and lasts longer; that is why you need to use oil-based makeup remover and cleansers to soften long-wear stuff. Use several pumps of cleanser and rub it onto dry face thoroughly. 

Step 3: Rinse, rinse. Repeat

To take off makeup and cleanser, use lots of water and wash your face by massaging the skin. The cleanser will turn into a creamy layer, softly removing and dissolving the layers. By the way, don’t forget to use the special coupon Halloween10 to get 10% off for Halloween shopping. Get to Arkive Store and choose your spooky makeup. 

Step 4: Focus on eyes

Mascara may still be on lashes even after lots of cleanser and remover. Double-check your eyes, and if needed, use waterproof makeup remover to take off false eyelashes and mascara.  

Step 5: Take glitter off

Glitter is sticky, and it may still be on your face after 4-step manipulation. Use fashion tape to gently peel off the glitter instead of scrubbing it with fingers. 

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your skin and go to bed with a clean face. In the morning, your skin will say thank you. Look for branded Halloween makeup items at Arkive Store, and may you have a terrifying Halloween!

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