Palm oil-free beauty. The reasons to avoid the ingredient

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Are you searching for the label "palm oil-free"? Or have you heard anything about it? The beauty industry is full of myths and misconceptions. The secret ingredients in cosmetic and skincare products are most times hidden. If not, they are misinterpreted. One of such mystical ingredients is the palm oil that seems to make so much buzz around its name. Let’s cut through the clouds and finally understand whether we actually need palm oil in beauty products or not.

What exactly is palm oil?

Palm oil is vegetable oil produced from oil palms. It is planted in southwest Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The ingredient can be found not only in beauty products with sweets, chocolate, etc.

Why should we refuse palm oil-containing products?

Palm oil is actually a good ingredient. It extends the lifespan of the products. So why sustainable beauty trend is against palm oil-containing products? The reason is hidden under the farming methods used to produce the ingredient. The production is harmful not only for endangered orangutans but also for the climate. The large scale of deforestation for palm oil farming has a devastating effect on the whole ecosystem, causing dramatic climate changes. Every 25 seconds, Indonesia loses a green area the size of a football pitch.

Do we need to boycott palm oil usage?

On one hand, we have environmental issues caused by farming palm oil. On the other hand, the segment provides millions of farmers with stable income. By boycotting palm oil, the lives of those 4,5 million families will be left without livelihoods and the means for survival. The solution is to find more sustainable sources and methods of manufacturing palm oil that will follow the environmental guidelines.

Is it easy to spot palm oil-free beauty brands?

Unfortunately, modern cosmetic brands most often don’t list some of the ingredients, including palm, glycol cetearate, lauryl betaine, and Cetearyl alcohol. Moreover, the cosmetic industry uses the ingredient as a raw material for its moisturizing effect.

What is the solution?

The best thing is to switch to palm oil-free beauty brands and sustainable beauty products. Such brands are maximum transparent in terms of product labeling. You can also look for brands using sustainable palm oil, that has a less negative impact on the environment.

Palm oil-free products

Arkive already collaborates with sustainable beauty brands that offer palm oil-free skincare and cosmetics. You can start your eco-conscious and eco-friendly beauty routine with Arkive.

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Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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