New Organic brand on Arkive; Meet Hilla Skincare

by Anush Bichakhchyan
Akive’s community gathers around its conception the brands that have already switched from fast beauty and chemicals to sustainability and organic ingredients. One of the natural cosmetics ambassadors, Hilla Skincare is already available on Arkive. We are happy to share the story of Hilla Skincare and present organic products as part of your healthy skincare.

About Hilla Skincare

The idea of starting a natural and organic cosmetics brand was born out of a personal need for high-quality skincare that will be personalized and part of everyday routine. The idea of Hilla is a good solution, that is simple and easy to use. The core concept of the brand was to create a line of products for all skin types and ages. Man or woman, young or old, Hilla’s products are best to boost to start better skincare. Hilla skincare line includes two main products BOOST and BASE. Both products are enhanced with active ingredients working deep in the cells as natural food for your skin. Developed and produced in the Netherlands, Hilla products are using exceptionally certified natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones.


Hilla is a trusted vegan and PEG-free cosmetic brand that produces skincare products without silicones, parabens, and mineral oil. Hypoallergenic formula is comfortable for sensitive skin prone to allergies. To get the maximum effect the brand offers to start a morning skincare routine with BOOST and BASE, two effective products to balance your skin and protect. The BASE line is divided into three options accordingly to skin types. For oily skin, the base includes jojoba oil that eliminates sebum secretion and skin imperfections. Natural amino acids are best for sensitive skin to protect and support recovery. To fight the dry effect, Hilla has a wonderful nourishing base cream with fatty acids to provide natural hydration.

The concept and quality of Hilla Skincare speak the language of Arkive. We appreciate the brand's contribution to global changes and sustainability.

With love,

Arkive – by Anush Bichakhchyan

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