Let's Welcome Our New Beauty Brands

by Anush Bichakhchyan
Our sustainable and conscious community is growing with new beauty brands that have come to share our philosophy and mission. Let’s welcome our new beauty brands Christian Louboutin Beauty, Too Faced Cosmetics, Clinique, Fenty Beauty, and Clarins.

Christian Louboutin Beauty

The top popular brand I now rocking the beauty industry with the sultriest shades we could ever dream of. The brand was launched with a glossy bloody red nail polish to complement the designer shoes. The combination of vampy nails with oh-so-sexy shoes turned out to be irresistible, and the brand expanded its products with a luxurious range of red lipstick, nail polishes, and perfumes. What makes Christian Louboutin Beauty products so unique? The design of each product screams luxury and sophistication. The exquisite design makes you love it even when you are done with the contents. And yes, Christian Louboutin Beauty is sustainable by default. For now, Arkive presents branded mascara soon to get new items for our community.


Great skin can be achieved through proper skin care. It is the motto of Clinique, one of the top beauty brands that have been in the industry since 1968. Clinique has brought dermatological thinking to cosmetics with its tailor-made products. The brand stepped into the beauty world with its revolutionary 3-Step Skin Care System, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize that we so much in love with. The brand is now developing sustainable packaging using 80% recycled aluminum in jar caps and reducing paper usage by cutting the size of promotional cartoons. The collaboration of Arkive and Clinique will be continuous by new products rages soon to be available.

Too Faced Cosmetics

The makeup line, created to celebrate beauty individuality now has its very special place in the Arkive world, the community of individuals, embracing beauty and self-care. The brand with professional products yet knows how to have fun. It gives the owners freedom to express themselves. Not forgetting about nature, Too Faced Cosmetics is creating cruelty-free cosmetics. The brand is vivid, eye-popping, and daring. We would so much enjoy our collaboration.


N1 European luxury skincare is already on Arkive. We are making little but confident steps in presenting more names and give a better shopping experience. Clarins is another big name in our community of beauty-conscious people. The philosophy of the brand is all about happiness and well-being that are linked to beauty. Clarins is passionate about skincare working with natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. Moreover, each ingredient is sourced with the care for the environment protecting the biodiversity of the planet.

Fenty Beauty

Beauty alert to all the Fenty Beauty addicts! The brand is already on Arkive. Irresistible? No! Tempting? Yes! That is how we feel about Fenty Beauty, so Arkive starts collaborating with the most trending brand now. The BadGalRiRi continues inspiring us with her image and a gorgeous line of quality cosmetics. Possessing makeup as her weapon of self-expression, RiRi inspires us to be daring, radiate energy, and simply have fun! Arkive continues expanding collaborations and engaging more and more brands in this mission.

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With love

Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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