Let the sunshine in – but block out the radiation!

by Sinem Tuncer

Let the sunshine in – but block out the radiation! We love sunshine!

Spring has sprung and the summer is well on its way, and we are here for it. However, we’ve all heard about the dangers of the radiation that the sun emits; UVA and UVB. Both have individual serious consequences and combined they are even worse, perhaps, even deadly. From premature ageing skin, wrinkles, sagging and sunburns – the disadvantages are pretty bad! One of the biggest misconceptions, also, is that you only wear sunscreen at the beach or when it’s “really hot out”, which, unfortunately, is not the case. Also, prevention is better than curing, meaning you can actively start preventing skin ageing by taking the right precautions, instead of trying to fight it when the damage has already been done.

Skin age isn’t just a number...

Can you believe that your skin age doesn’t necessarily reflect your actual age?! By taking the right steps you can protect your skin against nasty burns, or even worse – health dangers, and you can also stop its premature ageing. The solution seems too easy – just use products with SFP – but we tend to forget about them. See, there are more solutions out there than just the tropical smelling “sunblock”. Did you know that you can buy skincare products that already have SFP in them? Yes, so you are protected on a daily basis. Granted, like with most skincare products it is very important to first figure out the needs of your skin. Our advice is to get a clear idea on the needs of your skin, like melanin levels, in order to know what level of SPF you need.

How to stay protected!

Really, try to use SPF every day. We have an amazing product “Whamisa Organic Flowers Sun Pact SPF50”, which protects the complexion against sun rays and it’s for everyday use. Try to differentiate sunblock which you might traditionally use whilst going to the beach versus sunblock to protect your skin as a precaution! Try our product and let us know what you think. With our discount of 40% you can try this product at an amazing price. Use promo code: release40 to unlock your discount.

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Arkive — by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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