How to use Jade Rollers: Beauty tricks to follow

by Anush Bichakhchyan

The secret of the centuries-old beauty tool is revealed. Let’s talk about Jade rollers.
Long before Jade rollers because popular on Instagram, they were used in Chinese skincare. Gua she tools and jade rollers have been used to massage and destress skin, smoothen fine lines, and even skin color. In recent years, those beauty tools have surged in popularity in the Western skincare routine. Despite centuries’ history, not everyone knows the benefits of Jade rollers. If you have already got a beauty kit with Jade rollers, here are some beauty tips for you.


In Ancient China, jade rollers were used by emperors and empresses as a luxury tool to maintain beauty. Those days are gone, and today the beauty tools are available to use at home. As the name suggests, traditional tools are made of jade gemstone. Still, modern tools are also made of rose quartz, amethyst, or any other semi-precious gemstone.
Jade rollers are used all over the face, neck, décolleté, and shoulders. Smaller rollers can also be used for eyes.


Of course, rollers are used as a skincare tool, but they have other benefits as well. The massaging tool is best to smoothen out the fine line, boost blood circulation and skin regeneration. When gently pressing and massaging the skin, you relieve muscle tension and promote lymphatic drainage. It is beneficial, especially if you are prone to skin puffiness.


Like any skincare step, a jade roller needs to be used regularly to see significant results. The right way to use the roller is to toll it in upward strokes all over your face and neck. Ideally, the roller is used after applying serum, facial oil, or moisturizer. If you keep the roller in a fridge, the massage will have to be refreshing and relaxing. The cool roller will also alleviate puffiness, fight swelling, and boost skin glow.

At Arkive, we always look for the ways to help you look beautiful and healthy. Shop natural Jade rollers, take care of your skin and be beautiful. 

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Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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