How to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Fall

by Anush Bichakhchyan

We had time to enjoy summer, beach parties, long nights and sexy tanned skin. We had time for romance and love. Now we have fall, a little slower and softer, with time for memories, knitwear, and quiet conversations over a cup of tea.

Just the way we are shifting and adjusting lifestyle to the new season, your skincare routine should also be shifted to a cooler season because the skin needs special protection and care. We have shared five beauty hacks to help you build a new skincare routine for fall.

Beauty Hack #1 Give your skin more moisture

Dry weather, wind, and heating indoors lead to dry skin. Starting from late August, you need to provide skin with extra moisture, be it masks, serums, or creams. Sheet masks are also great means to incorporate moisture. Don’t forget to drink enough water.

Beauty Hack #2 Focus on exfoliation

If not moisturized and nourished on time, dry skin will lead to flaking and uneven makeup. Even if you have started proper nourishment, include weekly exfoliation with mild products.

Beauty Hack #3 Don’t play with hot water

One of the secrets of young and elastic skin is cool water. If you cannot take a shower with warm water, at least wash your face with tepid water but never a hot one. High temperature increases blood circulation, disrupts natural oil balance, causes dehydration and breakouts. Remember to wash your face with tepid water, and you will like the result.

Beauty Hack #4 Supplement the lack of sunshine with vitamins

Your body has used to summer full of vitamin D, and now it will miss it. To feel the gap and benefit from vitamin D, take supplements and use serums with vitamins.

Beauty Hack #5 Don’t forget about your hair

Hair, just like your skin, needs extra care and moisture to prepare for cold weather. Use nourishing masks and conditioners to keep hair away from frizz, and don’t forget to go for regular touch-ups and get rid of dry lifeless edges.

It is it for now. Follow these steps, and you will be fully armed to welcome the new season. All the products for skin and hair care can be found on Arkive shop. High-quality branded products at a discount are waiting for you.

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Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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