How to moisturize your skin: Expert tips to follow

by Anush Bichakhchyan

The moisturizer has long become one of the essential skincare products for beauty-conscious people. The main goal of moisturizing products is the increase water content and lock necessary hydration in the skin’s outermost layer. By keeping the balanced moisture face moisturizers recover skin elasticity and fight the first signs of aging. However, you can benefit from moisturizer if you use it in the right way, at the right time, and with the right products. Here are some top expert tips on how to moisturize your skin.

How to moisturize your skin like an expert

Apply on damp skin.

Moisturizer follows cleansing and toning steps. It is crucial to follow the steps and prepare skin for moisturizing face cream. It should be applied to damp skin to seal the moisture.

Dab it and not rub.

If you have that killing habit of rubbing cream on your face, please stop it! Use your ring finger to dab it all over your face and gently massage skin with tapping gestures.

Which ingredients to look for in a moisturizer?

Any product should be chosen based on your skin type. For example, oily skin should be hydrated with oil-free creams and serums. Dry skin needs a lot of moisture, while sensitive skin type needs hypoallergenic fragrance-free skincare.

Most efficient moisturizers should include:

- Hyaluronic acid
- Glycerin
- SP
- Ceramides
- Humectants (honey, panthenol)
- Vitamins (C, E)

How to moisturize overnight

Skin needs double care during the night because it loses a lot of moisture. Most face creams can be used for day and night care. You can also go for night moisturizers with peptides, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid for double protection and barrier. High-quality night moisturizer will retain moisture during the night and give you the feeling of fresh and smooth skin in the morning.

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