How the beauty industry is destroying our planet

by Anush Bichakhchyan

We love cosmetics, skincare, attractive packages, and nice smells. As much we love the beauty industry, the planet hates it, and for a good reason. We bet you have hardly thought about the environment applying your beloved mask or putting on mascara. You are not to blame, because the awareness of ecological issues and the impact of the beauty industry on the environment is very low. Arkive is one of the advocates taking the mission to spread the information. Here is another story about how the beauty industry destroys our planet.

The real cost of cosmetics

The truth is - cosmetics industry is a total disaster for our planet. From resource consumption, production to packaging, destruction, and waste management. All these components are destructive to the environment. The individual steps of brands eliminating resource consumption or turning to all-natural products have an impact, but it is like a drop in the ocean. The whole industry should change the approach and manage the cycle from production to waste management to make significant changes.

Here are some facts that you, as a regular consumer, should be aware of:

- Plastic cosmetic packaging takes hundred of years to break down in landfills if not recycled.
- Toxic chemicals of cosmetic products end in oceans destroying the ecosystem and killing aquatic. Species.
- Toxins that end up in soil damage livestock that may suffer reproductive and genetic changes.
- Most brands, hiding under the label “natural”, use only a couple of natural ingredients masking the rest of the chemical ingredients and, at the same time, wasting natural resources.

Solutions for sustainable cosmetics

Unfortunately, the planet cannot be saved in a day. We have been destroying it for centuries, and every day it becomes worse.
As a consumer, you can have your small but utterly significant contribution in saving the planet.
-Chose 100% natural organic products and brands that are eco-conscious.
-Support zero waste initiatives to cut the number of cosmetic destruction.
-Go for clean beauty and cruelty-free products.
-Supper sustainability initiatives and promote sustainable beauty.
-Choose solid cosmetics or glass packaging.

Arkive stands for all initiatives contributing to waste management, regulations to reduce cosmetics destruction, and sustainable beauty. If each of us becomes responsible and conscious, we will change the world. Let’s fight together for a better future.

With love,
Arkive - by Anush Bichakchyan

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