Essential Summer Skincare Tips You Should Follow

by Anush Bichakhchyan
We love summer, sunny days, starry, warm nights, beach parties, and the endless romance of the season. What about our skin? Does it love summer the way we do? Or how to make it love summer by nurturing and giving all the necessary skin food. We have put together these essential summer skincare tips you should follow to keep your body healthy and beautiful inside and out.

#1 Protection, protection & protection

Although we all love that sexy tanned skin with stripes from swimsuits, our skin needs protection mostly from sunrays. During the summer months, ultraviolet radiation levels are twice or three times increased, causing skin damages to more serious skin diseases. Sunscreen should become your mantra for summer. Choose summer skincare with SPF 30 and higher protection that will protect skin from UV rays. Remember that sunscreen is essential for the face and body. Choose sunscreen formula that best suits your skin type, and it will double effective as protection and skincare.

#2 Vitamin C serums to fight pigmentation

Protecting skin from UV rays is half the job, with the next tip you need to protect skin from hyperpigmentation. Sun and hot weather may often cause fine lines and pigmentation on light skin tone. Serums with vitamin C can fight the issue and boost natural collagen production.

#3 Keep your body hydrated

Hot weather and high temperature increases perspiration and can easily lead to dehydration if you do not keep the balance. To prevent frequent headaches, dry skin, and a sense of fatigue, drink enough water during the day.

#4 Keep everything lightweight

Both face and body need special care during summer. It is about hydration, exfoliation, and nourishment. The only rule here is to use products of lightweight texture that will not weigh down skin and clog pores. Reduce the usage of oil-based skincare and use organic products that will not cause inflammation. Follow the basic cleanse tone and moisturize routine to fight visible pores and provide skin with the necessary moisture. After sunbathing, use soothing creams for body care.

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Arkive - by Anuch Bichakhchyan

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