David Mallett Hair Care Products

by Anush Bichakhchyan
Arkive Conscious Beauty is proud to be an authorized retailer of David Mallett, a professional hair care product brand. The brand's aesthetics is in flawless harmony with its philosophy; looking perfect even when you are not vising your hairdresser. The line of David Mallett hair care products is created by Paris-based and the most sought-after hairstylist and is all about pro tools for revamping hair. With his unique view of hairstyling, David Mallett started practicing more on creating professional products for hair care. The luxe line of products in minimalistic packaging grabs attention with refined design, but the magic is actually in the bottles.

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The products of David Mallett are focused on preserving hair moisture and volume with natural and plant-based ingredients. The main component of products is Keravis; a plant protein complex focused on hair protection. The unsaturated macadamia nut oil is the natural hydrator that locks the moisture in the hair cuticle. The vitamin-rich Japanese nori red algae work on elasticity and smoothness. Other nutrition ingredients like raspberry vinegar, bergamot, Shea butter, organic tomato, etc., are all working on protecting hair and scalp from exposure.

David Malett products on Arkive

Arkive platform presents the top hair care products of David Mallett. The line of No.1: L'Hydratation includes shampoo, conditional, and mask for professional hair care. This tailored line is coordinated to deliver maximum moisture for normal to dry hair. The light texture of products is suitable for any hair type, not weighting down even the thin hair.

The fragrance-free SHAMPOO No.1 includes only the necessary ingredients for cure dry hair. The main ingredient is Macadamia nut oil that penetrates deep into the hair cuticle.

The highly effective CONDITIONER No.1 with creamy consistency doubles the shampoo effect and locks the moisture within the hair cuticle.

MASK No.1 is a turbo blast for lasting moisture. It is an instant solution for super dry hair to eliminate breakage and frizzy effect. A fragrance-free mask works great, even allergy-prone scalps.

The product line also includes professional Styling Cream to style and treat hair with 98% natural ingredients.David Mallett's product line sums up a high-tech Vitamin Gel with a blend of vitamins and Keravis, a multi-function protein complex to reinforce the hair fiber and nourish it.

Arkive is working on delivering high-quality natural products and, at the same time, working on waste reduction. Choose Arkive and David Mallet for perfect hair and clean nature.

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Arkive — by Anush Bichakhchyan

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