Breast cancer awareness month: Why it is so important

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Arkive supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month annual international campaign. As one of the active community members, Arkive couldn't stay aside not support social campaigns. We contribute our platform to bring awareness to health issues that can be eliminated if treated on time.

Being one of the most common types of cancer worldwide, it still registers over 2,1 million women diagnosed each year. The idea of the annual campaign is to bring awareness to women of all ages and contribute to the development of new culture. With the mission to change the world, Arkive is sharing the campaign's mission and wishes to bring your attention to the problem.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

The main factor for breast cancer is being a woman and getting older. The risk of disease increases for women aged 50 and older when they experience menopause. Among the uncontrollable factors are also genetics, race, menstrual period history and breast density. Other factors like drinking alcohol, body weight, physically inactive lifestyle can also contribute to disease development.
How to lower the risk of breast cancer? The factors that are under personal control can be and should be controlled.
- Be physically active. The average activity should be at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity.
- Maintain a healthy weight. Women experiencing menopause may gain excessive weight. It is crucial to prevent the problem at early stages by balancing food intake and physical activity.
- Limit or avoid alcohol. If you still can't skip happy Fridays, drinking one alcoholic drink per day is advised.
- Risk assessment at the age of 30. All women who are at risk should begin regular checkups for early detection.

The importance of raising awareness

In high-income countries, the culture of regular checkups and screening effectively work on early diagnosis and treatment. However, the residents of third world countries still suffer from disease because of low awareness and limited resources. Breast Cancer Awareness month is also an essential campaign for fundraising to support the communities with limited resources.

Arkive supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In-depth investigation of the cosmetics industry, the side effects on the environment and health have revealed some concerning factors. The industry is not regulated correctly, pushing most cosmetic brands to use chemicals and resources disastrous for the environment. High exposure to chemicals has been reported by cosmetics, including parabens, as factors that increase breast cancer risk. While this theory is not fully explored, carcinogens in cosmetics causing hormone disorders may lead to hormonally-driven cancer.
It is essential to read the labels and stay close to the communities that support natural beauty. Follow Arkive to learn more about the side effects of cosmetics and how to build natural skincare.

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