Bars, Bars, Bars how high is the bar for natural hair & skincare products?

by Sinem Tuncer

Bars, Bars, Bars: how high is the bar for natural hair & skincare products? Whether it’s reducing the use of plastic or promoting natural ingredients, new hair & skincare brands and lines are popping up everywhere. From natural shampoo to deodorant or even shaving bars — new options are rising and they keep growing. But why are these bars so popular? This question actually has multiple answers: first, the bars look aesthetically amazing, because of the nature of the bars you can actually see the ingredients. This already makes them so appealing to try and makes you want to buy them at least once. And the fact that these bars use little to no plastic is just the cherry on top!

Looking good and feeling even better. I must admit, it took me a while to get used to using a shampoo bar and I almost wanted to go back to the good ol’ shampoo bottle. But after some research online and reading not only the reviews but also tips & tricks, I finally found my favourite bar. The Aloe You Vera Much bar from HappySoaps is my personal favourite: after some trial and error I’ve landed on this eye catching and amazing bar. The benefits do and will always vary per person, because we all have different hair and skincare needs. HappySoaps, for example, is a brand we represent that tries to serve all those different needs, and their bar has left me looking good and feeling even better.

Our Bar tips! We won’t tell you which bar works best for which type of hair and/or skin, because that’s super personal and we think you would know best anyways. However, we will give you some awesome easy tips on how and why to buy bars instead of bottles;

1) Bars are super concentrated and therefore will save you a lotta money,

2) Buy the bar accessories to make sure you extend the bars life as long as possible,

3) Read reviews! Before buying the bars try to find out what other people say about them

Last but not least, when you want to try the HappySoaps, buy via Arkive and receive a 40% discount using promo code: release40.

With love,

Arkive - by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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