Aromatherapy candles: how to relieve stress and feel happier

by Anush Bichakhchyan

What can be more relaxing than a warm both with aroma candles, a glass of wine for your soul, and a face mask for your skin? We do love aromatherapy candles for their mind-blowing scents that set on positive vibes and relaxation. Is there anything else about aroma candles besides their fantastic aroma? We have searched for the properties of aromatherapy candles and found what may interest you.


Aromatherapy is a curative that people use to recover energy, relieve stress and anxiety. Aroma candles are made of essential oils that have aromatherapeutic properties. The oils stimulate the senses, lower blood pleasure and change the mood.
Organic aroma candles include only essential oils. Each candle has its purpose: relaxing, stress relief, meditation, invigorating, romantic, and sensual.


Besides the purpose of aroma candles, you can find the scent that best suits you. Here are the most common scents that will help you to start your aromatherapy at home.

Lavender. A soothing scent is best to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. It is a perfect choice to treat insomnia and headaches.
Citrus. Those who love fresh scents can choose orange, lemon, and grapefruit to brighten the mood and increase concentration. Works great for morning and daytime aromatherapy.
Vanilla. The warming scent is comforting and sweet which helps to relieve stress and boost your good vibes.
Cinnamon. The most popular aroma helps to treat fatigue and exhaustion.
Jasmine. The flowery scent has amazing calming properties.
Sandalwood. The lovers of deeper scents will prefer the scent to relieve stress and irritation.
Peppermint. Used for meditation, this aroma helps to relieve muscle pain, digestive problems, and headaches.


The benefits of aromatherapy candles are not fully investigated, but we do love how they smell and how tune in a positive mood. New studies have proved some of the benefits of lavender when inhaled. Another study of clary sage aroma proved it had a positive impact on women going through menopause.

The natural candles without fragrances help to treat the following problems:
- Migraine
- Headaches
- Asthma attacks
- Breathing difficulties

Even if you use aroma candles for meditation and simply to enjoy their fabulous aroma, they will eventually be beneficial for you. Find organic aroma candles at Arkive online shop and feel the magic of aromatherapy.

With love
Arkive – by Anush Bichakhchyan

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