Arkive presents: UN_DID

by Michael May
We are happy to introduce our newest brand to our platform; UK based UN_DID! One of the prominent advocates of sustainable beauty is now available at Arkive online shop. We are more than proud to share the mission and philosophy of waste reduction and sustainability with the UN_DID global brand.


The mission of UN_DID is simple. It has come to break all stereotypes and old fashioned norms in beauty with an individual flair. What are they striving for?

  • UN_DO gender biases in beauty with a gender-inclusive approach. The brand celebrates true individuality and not gender differences.
  • UN_DO complicated beauty routines. The multi-purpose products are easy to use and versatile.
  • UN_DO unsustainable beauty. The brand stands for conscious development and production.
  • UN_DO the negativity. Get your daily affirmation and fill your day with good vibes only.

UN_DID proudly carries the labels standing for the sustainable and environmentally friendly brands. 

  • Registered with Vegan Society
  • Leaping Bunny approved
  • Approved by Eco packaging global reforestation alliance


The most incredible mission of UN_DID is to move to a circular beauty economy. Arkive, born and living to make zero waste a viral trend across the globe, cannot stand aside and not offer collaboration with UN_DID. And here we are, two advocates of sustainable beauty, working on waste reduction and elevating our impact on the planet. 

UN_DID definitely makes a difference in the industry with recycled products and shipping boxes, soy-based inks, FSC certified paper, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty products. We hope their philosophy will go viral. 

UN_compromising, UN_common, UN_filtered – they are UN_DID. With their product launch ‘in your face [water tint for face],” they are one of the first to blend skincare with color - and we are happy to say we are the first reseller in Europe!

Currently, the brand offers three different skincare products on our platform, coming with three tints.

The product is part moisturizer, part skin-serum, part foundation in your face.  It’s hybrid beauty at its finest, blending skincare with color. Your skin will get an immediate natural glow with a touch of lightweight color and a dose of skin-kind active ingredients. 


  1. Skin quenching hydration with a blend of glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
  2. Blemish and redness soothing aloe vera and chamomile.
  3. Blur out skin imperfections with sheer color coverage.

UN_DID is led and owned by former beauty powerhouse employee Romi Dasani

Romi Dasani saw a genuine need for authentic inclusivity and representation based on his own experiences as an Asian and LQBTQ+ employee. “I get it - the industry is making huge leaps forward. But I wanted to create a space where diversity and personal panache is the DNA, not just a token add-on because of what’s happening in the world at the moment. That should be the everyday norm.”


UN_DID is a game-changer in the industry, aiming to cast away old fashioned norms, biases and stereotypes in beauty. LUCKILY Arkive is here to save them! 


Want to try this lovely brand?




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