Announcing the big launch of the new Arkive website: We are back with great news

by Anush Bichakhchyan

Today is the most exciting moment for Arkive, sharing the big launch of the new platform, more functional, faster, and more compelling. Today we are more than confident that our mission in preventing waste in the beauty industry will succeed. We want to thank our community members for their invaluable contribution to growing Arkive's network. Thank you for being conscious and choosing sustainable beauty. Now, let's get to the big news. 

We are back in a new concept, revealing the philosophy of Arkive, being in harmony with nature with our minds, souls, and behavior. The website's visuals transmit the brand's atmosphere by maximum, transporting to a better world with lush green, clean nature, and beautiful souls. Everything is aesthetically perfect and pure. 

The Arkive shop is more detailed now, with options to filter products by type, brand, discount, etc. We are caring for your experience and do our best to get your satisfaction. 


The cosmetic industry that has been wasting resources in such an irresponsible way is finally taking steps to reduce the waste. Arkive, being on the first line of changes, has created the platform to eliminate waste in beauty products. We offer our customers exceptional values along with the knowledge that they are helping beautify the world we all share. Sustainability is a challenge in the beauty industry, but it’s a challenge that Arkive is not afraid to accept.


We know that feeling good is an essential part of looking good, and we have created a business model that will help our customers and the world around us, look and feel at their very best. We have special offers for our new subscribers and loyal customers with extra love and care as a token of gratitude. For new members, we have a one-time discount for all products. Our dear community members can share the philosophy with their friends and create a network of referrals getting discounts for a referral. Follow us to find the code and activate your referral program. 

Become a part of our sustainable beauty community, and even the small contribution will make changes to a cleaner environment. 

With love,

Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan 

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