Upcycling meets high-end design

by Sinem Tuncer

Arkive introduces a limited-edition version of Atl. Oblique’s most popular hand-made candles. If you want to bring high-end design into your life every day, you don’t have to spend more than you should have to. Arkive and Atl. Oblique joined forces and launched this upcycled line of exquisite design candles. Buying an upcycled product, never felt this luxurious. Dressed-up in a one of a kind design, our candles are luxuriously scented and made in Germany – composed - in France. This scent is a sweet and tropical fragrance with notes of coconut, chocolate, and chili. A dream of a luscious tropical garden and will illuminate for 40 magnificent hours.

Your home, your oasis. With the pandemic keeping us more indoors than ever, your home has become your oasis. Our outdoor and indoor spaces have become significantly more important. Whether it is remodelling our bedrooms, gardens or even kitchens- we all want enjoyable spaces. Enrich your personal space with affordable upcycled design. Our hand-lacquered glass candle oozes luxury and will bring you enjoyment long after it’s burnt out. The high quality glass can be reused in many different ways (e.g as a vase or luxurious pen container). Our Tropicana candle truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Buying upcycled products means; doing good and feeling even better. Arkive strives to curate and create the most sought-after upcycled products, while we join forces with various brands. We care about our planet, beauty and design. We believe there is no reason why they cannot co-exist. It might take some effort and creativity but we are getting there. The Tropicana candle is born out of creativity and shared belief that we can do better for our planet. Shop our limited edition, custom made, upcycled candle here. Special thanks to Atl. Oblique for being a #zerowastehero and joining this awesome ride with us.

With love,

Arkive - by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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