5 Habits of People With Great Skin: Beauty tips to Follow

by Anush Bichakhchyan

How often do you see a skin that is flawless and worth envying? Unfortunately, naturally healthy skin is a rare thing, and we have our fault too. Treating skin with bad habits and exposing it to low-quality cosmetics one day show up on your skin in a bad way, and we have to pay for it. It is never too late to stop ruining your skin by working on your habits.

As your beauty advisor, we have asked people with great skin to find out the secret to great skin and created a list of 5 habits to follow.

HABIT #1 A Good Sleep of 8 hours

The magic starts with a night of good 8-hour sleep. Our skin has a wonderful quality of recovering and regenerating while we are sleeping. That is why 8-hour sleep is also called "Beauty Sleep." Give your skin time to recover, and in the morning, it will please you with a glowing look.

HABIT #2 A Healthy Diet

We are what we eat, and this theory has been proved for million times. Yes, it is hard to keep a healthy diet, but your beautiful skin and you deserve the best. Cut the sugar, enrich your diet with lots of fruits, veggies, and nuts. Please stay away from packed food, quit smoking, or at least keep it for a cheat day.

HABIT #3 A Regular Workout Routine

A regular workout is beneficial for your body and skin. When you sweat, your clogged pores purge themselves from toxins clearing inside and out. Active exercises also boost blood circulation and skin regeneration, enriching cells with oxygen. Why not be beautiful and healthy when you have all the weapons and tricks to be fabulous?

HABIT #4 A Professional Skincare Routine

Your skin needs help and care to be healthy. Give it a good wash with organic cleansers and foams, balance pH with toner, and recover hydration with moisturizer. Don't forget to use serums regularly to enrich skin with vitamins and necessary ingredients to boost elasticity. Turn the five-step skincare routine into your daily mantra and take SPA procedures with exfoliation and scrubs once a week. Try to keep the routine 21 days in a row, and it will become a part of your life.

HABIT #5 SPF every day

You love your skin, and you give it good sleep and professional care, so don't forget to protect it as well. Use sunscreen every day all year round, even if it is rainy and cloudy, protect your skin from UV rays, and you will see the magic transformation.

Loving yourself is how you treat your body. Turn it into a temple to care, worship, and protect. Love your skin, and you will get the best reward. Arkive loves you the way you are, standing by your side, encouraging and appreciating.

With love,
Arkive - by Anush Bichakhchyan

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