Skincare for different Skin colors & types

by Sinem Tuncer
Do different skin colors and types need different skincare? Simply put, yes. The answer is yes! However, judging by most advertisements shown to us, you almost wouldn’t think so. Usually, we get to see advertisements for the basic four skin types; normal, dry, oily and combination. Based on that information, we shop for/or try skincare products that fit our skin type the best. However, what if I told you, that your skin color also plays a role and that your specific melanin levels play a vital role in choosing skincare products. My skin. My melanin. My Psoriasis. As a Moroccan woman who suffers from psoriasis and has higher levels of melanin, I have to admit that I used the wrong skin care products for a very long time. I was educated by advertisements and the lighter skin models I saw on the screens, instead of learning what my specific skin type and color actually needs. My rescue came when I visited the dermatologist after my psoriasis started to flare up, and every product I used seemed to make it worse. After getting re-introduced to my skin by my dermatologist, I finally understood that my ethnicity, genetics and skin composition play a vital role in choosing my skincare products. I urge you—no, I beg you— get to know your skin better before buying skincare products. Normalize different skincare needs. We all have different skins, and so, we all have different needs. At Arkive we normalize these differences. That’s why we offer a diverse range of skincare products, and hopefully, they fit your needs. We aren’t here to lecture you on which one is the best: we are here to serve your beautiful skin color and type. Take a look here and shop your skincare products! Ps. great news! We extended our womensday10 promo code until Friday 12-3. With love, Arkive - By Miriam El Ghalbzouri

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