Happy six month anniversary Arkive!

by Sinem Tuncer

Happy six month anniversary Arkive! It’s been six months since we launched Arkive! What a ride it has been! We thought we should give you all an update on what has been happening since we boarded this rocket ship. First things first; a big THANK YOU to our Arkive community, we feel so loved! From brands joining our revolution to make the beauty industry go zero waste, to our lovely customers who support us and give our products a second chance at life by buying them. Words really can’t describe what it means to us, but I’ll try. With a dedicated, diverse and passionate team we have worked around the clock to spread our message and create awareness on unnecessary waste. You see, Arkive isn’t just your average beauty platformNO!—we are mission driven. Our mission, our goal and your response. With the help of our community, a lot of products have been saved and the number is going higher as we speak. Our goal isn’t just to save products from destruction but also to provide a safe space where you can buy our lovely products without judgement. We believe beauty is universal and we see beauty everywhere. Our community is filled with all shapes, sizes and colors, and we embrace you all. The response has been nothing short of amazing, truly! We see growth in our sales, traffic and engagement numbers and you have been letting us know what you think & feel. We share your feedback with our brand partners, so thank you for the insights and love. On to bigger & better, but consciously. It has been endearing to see our community validate our mission and goals. Our next steps will be: 1. adding amazing brand partners and products, 2. staying true and vocal to our mission, whether it is the affordability of our products or donating/recycling the truly unsellable products, 3. and spreading the message of conscious shopping. Join our revolution and shop our amazing products now during our #releasetherevolution sale with an additional 40% off. PS. Don't forget to use promo code: release40 during check-out. With love,

Arkive — by Miriam el Ghalbzouri

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